Herzlich Willkommen bei den Rollin‘ Fifties

Die  „Rollin‘ Fifties“ spielen Rock&Roll und Blues „Live“, durch einzelne Boogie Woogie, Country, und Cajun Stücke ergänzt, mit eigenen Arrangements!
The Rollin‘ Fifties play „live“ Rock’n’Roll, Blues, Boogie-Woogie with a touch of Country and Soul.

Most of the „classic hits“ of these genres were written and recorded between 1949 and 1964.


2020 is the year for recording own compositions with lyrics from Denis Kaech (piano, vocal) and music „by the Rollin’Fifties“ using „traditional“ Blues, Rock’n’Roll, Boogie-Woogie, Country licks and basslines. You will hear guitar and pedal steel soli by Daniel Andrey and Lorenzo Trottman, piano introductions and soli by Denis Kaech, supported by the rhythm section with Willy Surbeck on the bass and Kai Dellers on the drums.

The following 10 songs have many and varied predecessors or sources of inspiration:

William „Big Bill“ Broonzy (co-author of the song) said around 1940 about Chas Segar’s „Key to the Highway“ that one could take a Blues song, make some smaller modifications and get about 50 other songs.

Medical implants (Joint prostheses, intervertebral fusion cages, Stents etc.)  must be at least 8%  different to the original to be not considered as copied. It is our aim to be at least 10% different from the originals in the past.

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We let the good times roll

Introduction of the band in chronological order of appearence:

In 2001 Dany and Denis met at a class reunion 40 years after graduating from primary school.

Denis had written an ironic and critical Blues about modern way of speaking, the „AGKA Blues“.

He invited Dany to play the guitar part. Dany stimulated Hanspeter „Bölle“ Börlin, former drummer of his ancient band ERTLIF, former drummer of the  „Countdowns“ to join. He in turn brought Willy on the Bass and Fredy Häner on the Blues Harp to become an „adhoc Band“ for a video clip of the „Affengeiler KnackArsch Blues“. Bölle retired in 2006 and was replaced by Kai Dellers on the drums. Fredy died in 2012. Fortunately Lorenzo joined the band with his pedal steel guitar enriching the musical part of our performance with ist special sound.

„We Let the Good Times Roll“ is therefore different from Fleecie Moore and Sam Theard’s „Let the Good Times Roll“; it’s not the song played in 1946 by Louis Jordan, and later by B.B. King and other artists.

A Rollin’Fifities Story

A tribute to our favorite Rock’n’Roll artists, such as Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley, Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent, Eddy Cochran, Elvis Presley, Fats Domino and Carl Perkins, with some short licks taken from their songs we still enjoy and keep playing about 60 years later.

Rollin‘ Fifties Rocking Blues

Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard are mentioned, two great Rock’n’Roll pianists, who influenced and stimulated Denis  (Fats Domino and Memphis Slim (Boogie and Blues) being  Denis‘ two other favorite pianists).

Paris Happy Blues

Memphis Slim said during his concerts that there is sad and a happy Blues.

Paris suffered from 2 attacks in 2015, and the numbers of vistors declined. Many men and women have spent happy days „in love“ in Paris, enjoying also cultural events. However you can be happy in love also „outside of Paris“, love – the key to a „paradise on earth“.

The first notes remind of Spencer Davis Basin Steet Blues from 1928.

Boire du vin – drinking wine (version „ cru bourgeois“ 2012)

This is an answer to a song about „American eldeberry, blackberry and various cherry vines“ performed in the last centrury’s fifties by Jerry Lee Lewis. Yes, it is „free publicity“ for some French   wines, with a  first „live“ performance of this song in 2012 in Missery, Burgundy, France, (therefore the mention „ cru bourgeois“ used for classifying wines). The Rollin‘ Fifties played it again in 2014 at the former „Fabrique“ now „Cité du verbe“ from the Companie d’Eygurande: An old farm in the countryside „hameau de Saizerey“ of Missery, transformed into a theater by Jean-Louis Mercuzot and his wife Isabella.

Lost Keys

An easy going short song, about loosing the keys, out of all places „to the highway“, with a small wink to the old Blues Standard of Charles Segar and William Broonzy, to Fats Domino „One for the Highway“, mentioning also a „bad women of the Wild West“. „Belle Starr“ is also found in a comic by Morris and Fauche relating „Lucky Luke’s Adventures“. The critical statement against „abuse of flying“ may please some ecologists, but the time spent for checking in and the decreased comfort in economy class may be further reasons for rather taking the train in Europe.

Thank you loser

I would have loved to hear this song performed by Tina Turner, whose philosophy and buddhistic ethics casts a critical and „distant“ light on fighting opponents, who get their narcisstic confimation only by defeating an opponent. How many times do we feel greater because we have been faster or cleverer than someone else? The winner realizes this issue and says „Thank you loser“! The third verse of this song was inspired by Senior Preacher Giovanni Caduff from Malans: Jesus Christ as a historical figure, defeated by the religious nomenclature under roman administration, represented by the first „star of political correctness“ Pontius Pilatus.

An almost perfect country song

Using at the end the keywords required for a perfect Country Song „Mama, Prison, Train, and drinking or getting drunk“, I tried to write „an almost perfect“ Country Song.

David Allen Coe wrote to Steve Goodman, who thought he had written the perfect country song, that he should include these missing keywords.  In the refrain „…and I hang around as long as you will let me“, he complains „you don’t have to call me „darling“, darling“, aksing the lady „ why don’t you ever call me by my name“? Enjoy Lorenzo’s solo on the pedal steel guitar.

This song includes a critical verse about commercial aspects of show business, with a smiling wink to Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster, who highjacked a train in their movie.

The Blues we must sing – Blues for Peace

The first part of this song was inspired by a TV-report showing homeless american citizens in „underground“ galeries of Las Vegas, going to the Supermarket after opening house to forage for  some food , thrown away because of „past the expiration date“. These victims of the 2008 financial crisis lost their jobs, their income, their house etc.- after giving their money e.g., to Lehman Brothers.

Blues is, when good people suffer and have bad times! (E.g.; when they are employed but treatedas injustly as slaves, forced into prostitution or when falling for drugs, gambling etc.).

The second part summarizes basic knowledge about heating up the planet: War actions using „fire“ arms (we hope no longer with the ultimate heater and destructer, the atomic bomb).

Finally the song recalls what the majority of humans wishes for the future.

White Monday

Winter holidays and ski rides in the alps – since the skiing camps in the sixties – a positive reminiscence.

Fats Domino (26.02.1928-24.10.2017) sang „Blue Monday“, we greet him by singing „White Monday“, often the happy beginning of skiing holidays.

It is in fact a kind of  free publicity for winter holidays, (not considered when proposed to a local agency), again promoting travelling by train.

A very short Rock&Roll tune –  we may include soli during a future live performance.

Denis Kaech, July 2020.